Clootie Dumpling


Clootie Dumpling

20 ozs Self Raising Flour
5 ozs Sugar
Level teaspoon Salt
6 ozs Shredded Suet
12 ozs Mixed Fruit
1 teaspoon each for ground Ginger, Mixed Spice and Cinnamon
about 6 ozs Black Treacle melted a bit
1 grated Carrot
1 grated Apple

Have a big pan 1/3 full of boiling water and also a kettle of boiled water

Put a flat plate on the pan of boiling water

Scald a big tea towel sized cloth by putting it in the pan of boiling water

Mix the dumpling mixture together with milk until the dough is firmish but moist

Fish out the cloth from the pan and dredge evenly with flour, put on the mixture and tie up “like a dumpling” leaving a bit of room to put your fingers under the string. Put the dumpling into the pan of boiling water, topping up with water from the kettle to come well up the dumpling and gently boil for 3 ˝ hours.

Have a plate ready and then lift the dumpling out into a big bowl and upend the bowl onto the plate. Remove the bowl and whilst the cloth is still wet, peel it off quickly (if your cloth dries out you risk breaking the skin though a wee bit of water from the pan can be used to wet the cloth again).