Messy Church

September 2012 Update

Messy Church is held at Cairngorm Shining Stars Nursery at Dalfaber on the last Sunday afternoon of each month between 4.30 to 6pm.

If anyone would like to help at the Craft Table or would like to do some baking, please contact Pat Cruikshank on 01479 810098.

Well that’s a name that people will find hard to forget!  In the words of a famous paint maker “It does exactly what it say’s on the tin”.  From Portsmouth to Aviemore the concept of “Messy Church” is challenging many within the “Church” about how we see “Church”.

The concept of “Messy   Church” was birthed at St. Winifred’s, Anglican Church in Portsmouth, which recognised that it had to fight for any sense of community. They had great premises, resources and leaders but very few children. Does that sound familiar?   From this recognised need the church tried to explore a “fresh expression of church” and from this came “Messy Church”.  The details and aids for “Messy Church” were put together a bit like a “Church for Dummies” book. But seriously it’s a great help.  The wee book, written by “Lucy Moore” contains 15 very enjoyable Thematic Programmes – boy that’s a big word for HELP! on popular subjects. These have a standard yet flexible format around Craft Tables, Music, and Gods Word and of course my favourite Food.  The sessions run between 4.30pm and 6.00pm on Sundays.  All good fun!

From that first tentative meeting hosted at Eileen Holmes house in Kincraig, on the 21st February 2011, which pulled together the resources of both St Andrew’s and, Alvie and Insh, we have with, God’s help gone from strength to strength. 

The response of the first “Messy Church” in the church hall at Kincraig on the 27th February 2011 where the theme was “I am the Light of the World” was an unknown, but on the day 86 people attended – Great!!  And the food was good as well!    Boy! that made Pat panic – quietly!!!   The next one was to be in Aviemore.

On Sunday 27th March 2011, the theme was “Easter – New Life in Jesus” and   everything was made ready at the Aviemore Primary School, including a home made banner for the fence outside.  In the crafts we had Palm Crosses, Rolling the Stone – Marbles….. Egg People and much more but the best one for me was the Edible Nests – Chocolate Ah….  Well God did not let us down with 104 people coming through the doors and a lot of them having no connection with the “Church”. 

The next “Messy Church” was again at the church hall at Kincraig on the 29th May 2011 and the theme was “I am the Good Shepherd” and as you can guess there were a lot of craft – sheep.  In fact it could be said that in the end we had a herd of them, but don’t tell Donnie Ross!  All the craft tables were well attended and there was a lot of help from the mums and dads who came along.  The “Break Dancing” song leader Eileen Holmes and her daughter had a great time in bringing a very important lesson to the group of “being lost” with a real life experience.  The “Shepherds Pie’s” also fitting for the occasion went down well and it was good to see everyone eat up and come back for more…..

God did not let us down – again

Messy Church underway at the old Aviemore School