Sep 2011

Harvesting makes it worhwhile

The horrible weather of the 'worst summer for many years' and the 'earliest autumn in living memory' made it quite a depressing summer up at the allotment but I was pleasantly surprised when I headed up there today,

Despite the terrible forecast for this afternoon it was not too windy, dry with sunny spells and too hot (well hot enought to have to take off our jackets) up at the allotment where, to our pleasant surprise, we were kept busy harvesting.

The second crop of Strawberries were better than the first (size and taste), a late crop of mange tous was collected an the bag of peas with more still coming. The King Edward tatties were in good shape and despite harvesting a lot there is still a few dreels to get up. Courgettes, celery, onions, carrots, beetroot, parsnips (small), spring onions, rocket, lettuce and salad leaves were also collected.

There are heads (well 2) on the globe artichokes and the Jerusalem artichokes and horseradish plants are looking very healthy though we will need to wait some time before we dig up the roots, The Asparagus seedlings which were planted are looking good and the only casulty appeasr to have been the french beans which were not doing at all well and have now been completely removed by pigeons or mice.

It is days like today which makes all the efoort seem wortwhile.