May 2011

Hurricanes now!!

The very strong winds of the last couple of days has kept folk away from the allotments so there has not yet been an opportunity to check for wind/storm damage. The extensive rain will have hopefully given the ground a welcome soaking and at least save us from having to water things by hose. The weather forecast for the next few days is not great and it looks as if this weather could continue until the end of the month.

It's Snow - Oh Yes it is

Today saw the snow lying further down the Cairngorms and it was reported that there was snow falling in Dulnain Bridge at 6am this morning.

On the bright side - the snow means that the temperature is above freezing - hopefully!!

There are still allotments available and it is not too late to get things going for a fine harvest later on this year. Yes, still time to plant lettuces and vegetables with salad seeds taking only weeks from planting to picking

Cold and Windy

The cold weather of the last couple of weeks has slowed things up but that is probably just as well as there is a long summer of growing ahead of us.

Potatoes are still being planted and ground prepared for planting seeds and young plants. Despite the frequent rain showers the cold wind is drying up the ground quickly and what we probably need is 12 hours of constant rain and no wind to allow the soil to seep up the rain.

Despite the weather, early planting of peas are now coming through along with asparagus (my three year old plant produced won very healthy stalk which was lovely but did not go far between the two of us), as most of the plants have just been planted this year, it will be a couple of years before these new plants are producing edible crops. Jerusalem artichokes are showing a lot of green shoots coming through and hopefully we will not get another hard frost overnight which would burn them along with the tattie shaws which are also sprouting up. The hot, dry then cold windy weather has played havoc with my raspberry canes and half of those which appeared to be flourishing a month ago look as if they have died off. Autumn planted garlic and Onions are coming through well and last week I harvested the last of the 2010 Parsnips and Leeks along with Spinach and this years lettuce leaves.

We are looking for donations of garden tools for use by the Richmond Fellowship who have taken over a plot.

We just need to remember that it is still early and there is still time for much more planting to ensure that we have another bountiful harvest like last year.

Scorching start to May

Interesting weather at present - daytime temperatures up to around the 20's whilst overnight it is falling to minus 5 and even this morning in Aviemore there was ice on the cars at 8am.

There has been lots of activity up at the allotments - tatties are coming through, fruit trees planted, strawberry plants flowering, peas coming through from seed whilst others have purchased young plants from the Speyside Heather Centre and these are coming on fine, dwarf french beans are coming under cloches, garlic plans are looking like fully grown leeks whilst Lettuces and last year's Onions, Leeks, Spring Onions and Parsnips continue to be harvested.

Watering of the newly planted fruit and vegetable plants is a necessity as the ground is drying out due to the extensive sunshine though alas it is not due to last much longer as after tomorrow's (wednesday) sunshine, clouds are forecast for Thursday and on Friday there should be some much wanted heavy rain showers.

There are still plenty of plots available and there is still time to get things moving for anyone wanting to get an allotment for this year.