Mar 2012

Good news on Plannning

I got word this morning that we now had permission to erect up to 3 polytunnels at the site. They never mentioned the shed but as the application was for a shed and up to 3 poly tunnels it is now time to get our application in for funding for a communal shed (for shelter, storage and meetings), rotovator and for 5 large raised beds (.8m x 4.8m x 1m) for use by disabled gardeners.

Hopefully we can now get things moving ahead quickly.

All go up at the Allotments

What a busy week up at the allotments despite it only being early March.

I was up three times this week, harvesting, digging, weeding, tidying, repairing, moving raised beds and installing a new, hopefully more substantial, cold frame to replace the one which failed to survive the November hurricanes.

Artichokes, horseradish and parsnips were dug up for use whilst the overwintered leeks and spring onions are looking good with some ready for harvesting whilst the overwintered garlic and onions are progressing well. Some new Raspberry canes were planted to replace the ones damaged by last May & June's frosts. Some digging has taken place and one of the raised beds is now ready for planting tatties.

Other plots were showing signs of life with onion sets planted, digging and weeding well underway.

Davie has managed to get a source of Horse Manure (by the bag) so bags were being delivered and contents spread.

Due to the terrible summer last year and the late start which Richmond Fellowship made, Davie kindly offered them two plots this year and they are taking up one with the other going to the Aviemore Community Cafe to grow produce for their soups and sandwiches.
It was good to see a group of people up from Richmond Fellowship on Thursday getting things started and also from the Community Cafe who have started their digging and have already planted artichokes.

Common Sense Reigns

I received another call this morning from the planning department to say that all was now well with my Planning Application and it was going forward once i redrew the map and marked where the shed and polytunnels were most likely to be sited. This I did so we sit back and wait.