Mar 2011

End of March

Rain, wind and miserable today though looking on the bright side we have been able to get a lot of work done in the allotment far earlier than we were able to last year.

Hopefully April will bring sunshine and drying winds - definitely no snow or frost wanted - so we can get on with planting and the new holders can get their plots underway.

More March

This week has seen the return of spring with the last snows having melted leaving the allotments a bit on the damp side but no doubt the sun and wind will soon dry things up. This has not only brought new growth but encouraged plot holders out of their houses and back up to the allotments.

Davie has also been busy by doing more ploughing and harrowing on the new plots whilst existing plot holders are completing their raised beds and tattles have already been planted in one. In my case I am still getting the wood together to bring to the allotment to build some new raised beds.
Raspberry canes have been pruned, more rhubarb and artichoke roots planted. Planting has also started in the cold frames with lettuces and rocket seeds being sown and the harvesting of parsnips continues. Some of the other plot holders are starting their seeds off in their window sills, sheds and greenhouse whilst others will buy young plants from garden centres for planting once the frosts are gone for the summer.

Hopefully with some fine weather the ground will dry out and serious work can begin by the end of March.

Buds are now appearing on the fruit bushes and willow stakes but on the down side, weeds are now beginning to pop up so having a handy container for weed is ideal for dumping weeds into as one goes around the plot. Davie also has a wee cart for people to dump their weed into and when full he disposes with them.


Davie managed to get into the unused, overgrown and neglected allotments with his plough and turn over the land ready for returning and new allotment holders. The water has been turned on and hopefully spring is on its way.

Those of us who have established allotments managed to make use of the good weather before the forecast and expected snows returned to dig, rotovate and weed as well as harvesting the last of the potatoes, carrots, parsnips, horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes. Preparations were being made for positioning of new raised beds as well as the removal of some older smaller beds.

Artichokes, horseradish, rhubarb and garlic were planted as work commenced to prepare the ground for spring planting. The two weeks of snow on the ground resulted in no work getting done but no doubt seeds were being planted in sheds, greenhouses and in windows al ready to bring down to the allotments when the good weather returns.

Autumn planted garlic and onions sets had survived the worst of the winter by being protected from the elements by polythene and fleece.