Jul 2011

Monsoons Return

Gone are the sunny days on April and June to be replaced by the Monsoons of July.

Wading through paddy fields is not the ideal way to spend summer days up at the allotment where the conditions, like the rest of Scotland, are getting beyond a joke. Mud, mud, glorious mud is far better for hippopotamus rather than tatties, strawberries etc.. The weeds are enjoying the weather and now hoeing is not an option at present until the ground dries out considerably.

On the psoitive side, once you wash the earth off of the new tatties they are fine, the peas and mangtous are starting fo flower and at lon last the climbing beans are starting to climb up the supports. The strawberries are not really enjoying these wet conditions and the raspberries which started off very early in April suffered from the night frost conditions which we have had up until recently.

Hopefully we will soon get drier conditions and some sunshine to bring back renewed enthusiasm up at the allotments rather than the current Bah Humbug doom and gloom!!