Aug 2011

Open Sesssions Feedback

The days started off quietly and got busier day by day with the result that on the Thursday we had no time to do any plot maintenance. Visitors included people waiting for the Kingussie Allotments to get off the ground, had gardens in the local area and wanted to grow vegetables, were thinking about an allotment and those who were just interested to see how we were progressing. Thankfully the weather was fine all three mornings. Pat and I enjoyed meeting the visitors and explaining what we were doing, showing of the fruits of our hard work and offering advice.

Having seen the success of Broad Beans in other plots, I have decided to start liking them as they grow well and I only grow what I like to eat. Pat's Garlic put mine to shame so this autumn I am going to follow his method of planting them under plastic which just proves that visitors were not the only people to learn things this week!