Apr 2011

We have an Association!!

At our inaugural meeting on the 18th April at Davie and Ann's house at the allotments we - agreed our constitution and formed our management committee.

We are now looking at where we can get funding for a large communal shed and poly tunnel which can be shared by the Holders.

Watch this space for progress (or lack of it).

On the gardening site - watering is now being required as it has been hot over the last couple of days (well hot by Speyside standards) and transplanted Strawberries are needing wtered.

Planting & Harvesting

With more sunshine this weekend, the good weather allowed more planting to take place u at the allotments. First and Second Early Tatties were planted along with main crops, Green beans were planted under cloches, carrots, parsnips and beetroot were planted in one of the new raised beds whilst salad plants (spring onions, radish, lettuce, rocked and spinach were planted in one of the established beds which grew onions last year). Peas were also planted.

Sunday saw the harvesting take place. Lettuce and other salad leaves planted late last year and overwintered in a cold frame but open to the elements for the last month, parsnips, spring onions and leeks were picked/dug along with some spinach leaves from last year's plants which survived the highland winter.

Alas the sunshine has encouraged the weeds to grow and therefore we are having to to undertake that much loved (NOT) activity of weeding.

April brings new sheds

It's not just the seeds (and weeds) which are sprouting up at the allotments as there has been sudden growth in wooden sheds with two more having sprouted up since March. On the subject of sheds I am reminding all allotment holders that we are trying to get our allotment association up and running and are having a formation meeting at the allotments on Monday 18th April at 3pm (hopefully the formation of an association may find funding for a large shed and poly tunnel for the associations use).

Digging, raking, dunging, weeding and planting is continuing with Onion sets, tatties, green beans, lettuce, spring onions,artichokes, horseradish and rhubarb amongst the plants, roots and seeds which have been planted.